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Construction of houses in Kiev, Kiev region and throughout Ukraine.


Servicing cooperative "Housing and construction cooperative" Affordable Housing of Ukraine" ("Dostupne Zhitlo Ukrainy") is created by specialists in the construction industry - scientists and industrialists who have a long-term local and foreign experience in the organization, design, construction and operation of low-rise housing. The main goals and objectives of the cooperative are to meet the needs of the developers of residential- type houses in comfortable living, the compliance of the building with world standards of environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, durability of operation, principles of healthy longevity, financial affordability of construction with compensation from 3 000 to 12 000 euros from the international "IQ Energy" program, initiated by the EBRD and the European Union. If you need a complete high-quality turnkey house - then you have made the right choice.


The owners of "Dostupne Zhitlo" homes are smart people of the European way of thinking, who value the life of their family, love comfort, eco-friendliness and effective use of the family budget. It is for such developers that our friendly team works. An important factor in partnership between the сo-operative and the owners of our houses is monitoring of project indicators during the operation. Such combined effort helps our developers become real energy-efficient home operation experts.


  • Free consultancy on the architectural choices of the building, according to the individual needs and financial capabilities of the Builder.
    Upon prior arrangement, at the cooperative office or at the "OPTIMAHOUSE" display home.
  • Design work with anchoring to the land plot and red lines. All architectural and technological solutions are developed and agreed with the Customer, given that the energy efficiency indicators of the project of the building correspond to the class "A". That is, the needs of the house for heating, air conditioning and hot water supply do not exceed 60 kW*m2/year (According to the State Construction Norms of Ukraine, this indicator should not exceed 120 kW*m2/year) No additional charge.
  • Supply of building materials and engineering equipment in accordance with the design documentation. Provision of high quality materials, agreed upon in the design documentation. Includes transportation of materials and equipment. No additional charge.
  • Obtaining Permit Documentation from the Architectural, Governmental and Local Authorities. Conducted by the cooperative, on behalf of the developer. No additional charge.
  • Preparation work on the construction site. Includes geodetic and earth works for the construction footprint, lighting and security of the construction site. No additional charge.
  • Worker accommodation and food supply. Includes delivery of transportable housing units for workers and engineering staff, and addressing their needs during the construction period. No additional charge.
  • Maintenance of work by machines, mechanisms, inventory and tools provided. At no additional charge.
  • Constant quality control. Carried out by author's and technical supervision of construction at all stages of work. Maintenance of photo and video recording, as well as relevant paperwork. Required: thermal imaging; tightness control of the house. No additional charge.
  • Putting the house into operation and obtaining ownership by the developer. The cooperative carries out activities for putting the house into operation on behalf of the Builder. No additional charge.
  • Home insurance for a period of three years against all types of risks. Warranty terms for work, materials and equipment. The cooperative carries out activities to receive an insurance policy for the new home on behalf of the owner. No additional charge.
  • For the first three years of operation, the cooperative provides you with a monthly payment of UAH 1,500 for providing information and analytical services on the use of energy-efficient housing. It is carried out under an additional agreement between the owner of a new building and the cooperative about the provision of informational and analytical services on the operation of the energy-efficient housing unit for the first 36 months of operation.
  • Financial and technological consultancies on the operation of the house. The cooperative carries out continuous monitoring of the operational characteristics of the house, and provides the owner of the house with consultancies about the cost of maintaining the house, or the receipt of income from the sale of electricity at a "green tariff". No additional payments are required.

The reasonable price of a home is the main component of its affordability. Our homes have a solid price and are provided to developers in the format of a complete commodity unit with a clearly defined package. We construct Class "A" houses by energy efficiency, so the price includes high quality construction and finishing materials and engineering equipment: a heat pump, a solar collector, air recuperators, heated floors etc. We provide a wide range of architectural and planning solutions for houses with an area of ​​40 sq.m. at prices of 30,000 USD and up..

It is important to note that the price of the house includes project and organizational activities:

  • development of project documentation;
  • Obtaining Permit Documentation from the Architectural, Governmental and Local Authorities.
  • Supply and construction
  • Control over the quality of performance of work with the maintenance of relevant documentation;
  • Insurance against all types of risks.

This approach to pricing significantly reduces the final cost of homes for our customers.


  • The co-op is a project participant at the European Active House Alliance.

  • Our OPTIMAHOUSE branded unit is already on the list of the best houses in Europe.

  • We have united over 20 of the best construction companies in Europe and worldwide in order to build your home.

  • We have been included in the Book of Records of Ukraine as the best at speed and labour-intensity of the construction.

  • Our experts are certified by the Government of Manitoba (Canada) as building experts for energy-efficient residential buildings.

  • The purpose of our activity is to create European living conditions for your family.

  • Reasonable price of a home with European quality.


An individual residential house must meet the needs of the owner and his family. Since all families are different in terms of the number of members, the projects of the houses are also different. In addition, projects are influenced by financial factors and location. Most households in Ukraine consist of 2-4 people, therefore the most popular projects of "Dostupne Zhitlo" are projects with a total area of 75-120 m2

You can always order individual design or get a calculation of the cost of construction on your own project or sketch. To do this, specify the required information when filling out this form.


The financing of houses of TM "Dostupne Zhitlo" is carried out according to the individual schedule of each developer. At the same time, the execution of works always precedes its financing so that at the completion of the construction, the customer must pay only 80% of the cost, and for the remaining 20% can be paid in installments in the period of up to three years. We are partners of the "IQ Energy" program, which allows you to compensate from 3,000 to 12,000 euros when constructing each affordable housing TM as energy-efficient technologies are used. Join, be with the best.

Your way to your own home



Owners of houses of the cooperative "Dostupne Zhitlo Ukrainy" are people of different age groups and social status. We constantly keep in touch with them and meet occasionally to receive feedback and information on the performance of their homes. Such mutual work is especially valuable for us as an opportunity to constantly improve, to create an expert environment of the owners of homes of ТМ "Dostupne Zhitlo", as well as to provide additional information to our future developers.


In Ukraine, built an energy efficient house
Fri, 12 January 2018, 14:27

In Ukraine, built an energy efficient house

Первый в Украине энергоэффективный дом Optima House построен в 20 км от Киева и уже введён в эксплуатацию. В течение ближайших 3 лет он будет работать в выставочном режиме — любой желающий может посетить дом, оценить его комфорт и преимущества, сообщают «ЭлектроВести».

What will be the future homes in Ukraine
Wed, 6 December 2017, 14:13

What will be the future homes in Ukraine

Украинский он-лайн журнал о строительстве ProfiDOM.com.ua уже не раз рассказывал о OptimaHouse – первом в Украине проекте, разработанном с учетом принципов концепции «Активный дом» и «Мультикомфортный дом». Журналисты ProfiDOM.com.ua снова побывали в гостях у инициаторов проекта.

40 кВтч на квадратный метр в год. Новые стандарты энергосбережения задает украинский Optima House
Wed, 6 December 2017, 14:09

40 кВтч на квадратный метр в год. Новые стандарты энергосбережения задает украинский Optima House

Недавно возведенный под Киевом OptimaHouse – проект, разработанный украинскими и белорусскими архитекторами с учетом европейских стандартов «Мультикомфортный дом» и «Активный дом».

Construction of energy-efficient turnkey private homes by "Dostupne Zhitlo Ukrainy" co-operative

Modern energy-efficient homes of the estate type are the most comfortable type of housing around the world, which are also intensively built throughout Ukraine, Kiev and the Kiev region. Energy efficiency, comfort and environmental friendliness are the most important operational parameters of innovative housing that can be realized in various technological solutions of wall elements, the most popular of which are: aerated concrete houses; ceramic block houses; SIP panel houses; brick houses; houses built by the Canadian frame technology; wooden houses and log houses.
The common denominator for various technologies for turnkey construction of private houses and cottages is the use of industrial-intelligent engineering equipment, including, heat pumps, solar collectors, recuperators, energy saving ceramic panels, solar and wind power plants, and so on.
The ecological, financial-operational parameters and aesthetic appearance of modern houses and cottages are universal and satisfy a wide range of our Developers.

Professional algorithm of house construction

The servicing cooperative "Dostupne Zhitlo Ukrainy" is implementing a full complex of organizational, managerial and technological measures at all stages of the life cycle of a private energy-saving home.

The main stages of the life cycle of a "Dostupne Zhitlo". private home.

1. Pre-construction stage:
  • passive / online acquaintance of the developer of an energy efficient home with the "Dostupne Zhitlo" and "OptimaHouse" brands;
  • Determine the architectural solution and the cost of building a house or cottage in the office of the company, according to the objective needs and financial capabilities of the developer;
  • legal registration of cooperation between the developer and the "Affordable Housing of Ukraine" co-operative, with the definition of the cost of the building, the schedules of construction and the specific date of putting the house into operation;
  • development and approval of sketch options and a project for an energy efficient home;
  • calculation of energy generation from renewable energy sources, including household income from electricity sales at the "green tariff";
  • registration of permission documentation for the construction of a private house;
  • acquaintance of the developer with the team of performers of your house or cottage;
  • preparation of the land plot for the construction of your warm home.
2. Construction stage:
  • materials and equipment supply, according to the design documentation for the construction of cottages
  • execution of construction, installation, finishing and engineering works of energy-efficient houses in Kyiv, Kyiv region and throughout Ukraine;
  • conducting daily quality control of the construction of buildings, including a photo / video record and relevant paperwork;
  • putting the house into operation and obtaining the legal documents for the new building.
3. Operation stage:
  • insurance of the house against all types of risks for a term of three years at the expense of the cooperative;
  • monthly payments to the owner of an energy efficient home in the amount of 1500 UAH/mo. under a contract for the provision of information and analytical services (with the consent of the Owner) for a period of three years;
  • analysis of the operational characteristics of the house with real-time monitoring of the operation of engineering networks and energy-efficient equipment;
  • timely renovation of the interior of the energy saving home (if necessary), after 10-15 years of operation;
  • technological renovation - replacement of sanitary and electric lighting equipment, built-in appliances and furniture, repair of the facade of the building (if necessary), after 25-30 years of exploitation;
  • major repair of the private house with replacement of the roof, renovation of the facade, windows, climatic equipment (if necessary), analysis of the work of bearing structures at home, after 50 years of operation.
Thus, the life cycle of an energy-efficient individual residential building is at least 100 calendar years, the main of which is operational. The current price of a private home (cost / value / liquidity), at any time, depends on the operational and financial characteristics and geolocation of its location.

Determination of the cost of housing during its life cycle

The cost of housing is convenient to determine in one calendar month. It is the sum of all costs of:
  • construction of the complete and finished house;
  • house operation and maintenance;
  • income from housing, including savings in utility costs and energy sales at the "green tariff".
Typically, this period is: 25, 50, 100 years, divided by the number of calendar months.


The suppliers of building materials and equipment, as well as performers of certain types of work are our golden professional asset of the Cooperative "Dostupne Zhitlo Ukrainy", and are direct participants in the construction of housing.

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